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a day in the life | march edition

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Homemade applesauce. My little guy loves it and loves to help me make it.

And I love having such a great little helper. 🙂

4K1B0780 copy 2_edited-1

4K1B0778 copy 2_edited-1

4K1B0818 copy 2

4K1B0828 copy_edited-1

4K1B0883 copy 2_edited-1

4K1B0826 copy 3_edited-1

4K1B0841 copy

4K1B0897 copy 2

4K1B0927 copy 2_edited-1

4K1B0928 copy

4K1B0943 copy


4K1B1031 copy

4K1B1049 copy_edited-1

4K1B1056 copy_edited-1

4K1B1062 copy

4K1B1071 copy 2_edited-1

4K1B1098 copy_edited-1

4K1B1115 copy 2_edited-1


Be sure to follow the circle! Head on over to Yasmina’s  A Day In The Life  HERE  to see some incredible work! And you won’t want to miss her amazing talent so be sure to follow her Facebook page HERE!


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I am an Artist/Photographer, Mother of three littles, and wife to one amazing husband. Taking photos and making memories.

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