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Baptisms {Lake Superior- Duluth, MN}


It was a gloomy, cool, rainy Sunday….but we were about to change that.

A group of us together including a couple from Chicago, a very dear friend of mine, her husband and my daughter were to be baptized in the largest fresh water lake in world….Lake Superior. Now my daughter Makayla is 11 years old and at such a young mature age had made the decision to give her life to the Lord. I was already proud and so excited for her, but to make it even better her Grandpa {My Father In-law } was doing the baptisms!  How cool is that!? So that just made it even more special for her to be taken under the water by someone she loves so much and looks up to.  There were not many people around at the beginning, a few walkers and kayakers as it wasn’t the nicest day out. We went down by the water and grouped up to hear some words out of the bible and a prayer before the baptisms began. Then the five people ready to go under to come out new creatures stepped into the Lake Superior water. And let me tell you, that water is NOT warm! One by one they were taken under and to come up a refreshed and new person.  When my daughter’s turn was up, it was hard for me to want to photograph as I wanted to watch every detail. But I knew I had the chance to photograph such a BIG day in my daughter’s life so I pulled back my tears and watched through my lens. As the last person was brought up I looked behind us and  a crowd had formed. Not only were we witnessing this great experience but now total strangers were. It was amazing that those people took the time to stop and watch what we were doing. We for sure took that gloomy, cool, rainy Sunday and made it bright.

I was so grateful to photograph this day for not only my daughter, but my friends. I will never forget it and now we have photographs to always remember it by.




















Acts 2:38 ~ Repent and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ.


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I am an Artist/Photographer, Mother of three littles, and wife to one amazing husband. Taking photos and making memories.

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  1. That’s so beautiful! Baptism is *such* an amazing memorial stone in one’s life! (at least I know it’s been that way for me). your photos are beautiful.


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